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A Great Walk in the Park…

Since I’ve moved there hasn’t been too much time to explore the city because most of my time has been spent getting the apartment together and job searching! Either way, the other day after a long morning of football watching and mini-hamburger eating, it was time to flea from the comforting red couch (our couch is a-mazing, will post pics soon!) and explore Prospect Park, which is literally 3 blocks from us. Having never been there before I was super surprised by how spacious it was. This park, in my opinion, is so much better than Central Park because there aren’t as many people, specifically tourists. It truly is a neighborhood park with all of your usual neighborhood happenings. Pick up soccer, couples lounging in the grass, children playing various games, older people chatting on benches. And most importantly, it is a great place to clear your head. Anyone reading this whose graduated college knows that the first 6 months or so after is often one of the most confusing times of your life. By visiting this park I’ve found a new place to go to sort out ideas and issues surrounding my head on a minute to minute basis. The only sad thing about this is it’s close to the end of September and eventually it the New York October chill will hinder little explorations throughout the park. However I will definitely be taking advantage of this in the next couple of weeks because this past Sunday exposed so many possibilities and solutions in only a 30 min walk around the park! Look for pics this upcoming weekend!

Best place to clear your head...ever.

Best place to clear your head...ever.


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