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Mothers and Daughters

Most girls will usually say their mother is their best confidante and this is such a true statement for me. Although I recently moved to New York (it will be officially three weeks this upcoming Saturday) after the great walk in the park on sunday, one of the solutions I happened to fall upon was how important it was for me to come home for a couple of days. One of the major reasons being I have been wearing my hair naturally curly and it was time to visit my hairdresser to get it straightened for the fall. However the really, really important reason was because I knew as part of this process of trying to figure out how I want my post-grad life to pan out was to visit my mom and get some much needed calming advice. So here I am, at home and loving already the couple of conversations we’ve had. Last night we sat down to dinner (my usual comfort food since the age of 6: grilled chicken, rice-a-roni, and spinach) and discussed how I felt about certain things in my life. Specifically my new internship and what career path I’m hoping to follow. Although the conversation was very detailed and intimate the most important thing I got from her that would be beneficial to anyone in my position was the importance in understanding that things take time to fall into place and you must be patient. And also how important it is to follow your first instinct.  Now when I return to New York tomorrow I will step off that bus (Chinatown bus of course!) with a new outlook on how to go about my new life in the city! And although this may seem a little off subject, but while watching the Emmy’s on Sunday I happened to see Jessica Lange accept the award for Best Actress in a TV Movie for “Grey Gardens” and she ended her speech by saying “And this (referring to her award)…is for all mothers and daughters.” So this post is really a dedication to all mothers who want the best for their daughters because I truly know my mom does for me and I am so so thankful for her.


Not really my mom and I...but you get the idea!

Not really my mom and I...but you get the idea!

The mother and daughter team of "Grey Gardens 2009"

The mother and daughter team of "Grey Gardens 2009"


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  1. Kia, this a wonderful post!

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