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Oh hello, Brooklyn.

Because I have become so tardy with my blogging there are many important happenings in my life to discuss but because I don’t fully remember all, I guess the most recent, most important and most memorable thing thats happened to me recently is my move to the big city! well..Brooklyn, but either way, soooo exciting! I moved a couple of weeks ago and although there has been the upsets of renting, packing and unpacking a budget van as well as having to move out of my philly apt early and having to live with Sunni (that’s my mom) for 4 days…with my boyfriend, It’s been a pretty smooth transition. My brownstone tree-lined street is probably the most amazing thing that’s ever happened to me. I love it so much and totally fights against the stereotype that New Yorkers are not friendly people. Either way, this new scenery should prove to be a perfect, perfect landscape for more ways to kick it with me!




One Response to “Oh hello, Brooklyn.”

  1. i almost thought this was our street for a sec….thinking about what landmark would define our little neighborhood. right now its the bodega, the wine store, or the supermarket, u choose…although the correct answer is ..our red couch!

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