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I didn’t think women fought for independence and recognition to be…more depressed than men!

Last fall as a senior at American University I took the class “Opinion Writing” taught by none other than George Clooney’s dad (and yes at 70 + he is a babe). In this class we learned a great deal about how to write opt-eds. Now as you know, I have always had a love for New York and ever since the New York Times has been as big as it has online, I would say I am a very loyal reader. Even when I lived in DC for four years I would never read The Washington Post and ALWAYS read the New York Times. But until this class, I never explored the editorials section. Either way, when one of our assignments was to write a paper on what opt-ed columnist we liked most and why we liked them, many of my classmates already knew who they wanted because as most of them were journalist majors, (I was a PR major but decided to take this class in an attempt to see if maybe I made a mistake and journalism was my true calling) reading opt-eds was part of their daily ritual. Either way I had to spend time (or the week I had to do the assignment) reading as many columnists as possible and fell upon the lovely, often blunt and sarcastic Maureen Dowd. Yesterday as I was perusing facebook, someone posted on their mini-feed an article she wrote about how women are not as happy as men and as they used to be and in the past couple of years it seems that men are much happier than them. Weird I thought because most men nowadays (at least public figures) are caught in scandalous situations or losing their jobs or something else depressing. And women (or so I thought) have more options of career, either have babies or don’t, and even have liberating and positive movies to watch that tell them they can have it all like Sex and the City. Yet according to the article Dowd wrote, this is not the case. A little depressing as a young woman coming into my own, but still worth the read especially if you’ve never been exposed to her entertaining and educational writing! Enjoy!


Maureen Dowd

Maureen Dowd


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