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It’s Good to be home…even though I’ve only been gone for three days!

Truly the statement “home sweet home” could not be more true tonight. Although I had an amazing time at home visiting my mom, chatting with her, seeing friends, and most essential…getting my hair done, I am honestly glad to be back in my sweet little nook in Brooklyn. It’s abnormally hot tonight as it was in Philly, but the feeling of the Brooklyn air as Nick and I walked to one of our local wine stores for a bottle of chillean goodness (only $4.99, what a steal) is just so welcoming and full of exciting things to come makes this place somewhere that I absolutely love it. I look forward to a positive (and I stress positive because anyone who knows me knows that I have been in a funk lately) exciting day at my internship and class at the new school tomorrow (which now that I’m back in the blogosphere, you will hear more about it) I hope everyone has a positive day tomorrow too! 


True Statement.

True Statement.


One Response to “It’s Good to be home…even though I’ve only been gone for three days!”

  1. Hey Kia;
    Hello from Paris. Annie and I are in heaven. This afternoon we found a spot on the Ile de la Cite (Notre Dame is on this island) that is kind of like Prospect Park was for you the other day, only it is much smaller maybe one acre. Called Place Dauphine, it is tucked away at the end of the island, surrounded by first floor bistros and lovely 6 or 7 story buildings with apartments that have seven foot tall windows. It’s more like a courtyard actually, an open space covered by sand rather than grass, with several comfortable benches with backs, trees and room for a couple of families to play. Annie and I just sat, watched and I began to relax as though I was stoned. We are definitely going back to that place, although every time we get off the metro and come up to a new neighborhood, we are stunned by the beauty of this city.
    Hi to Nico.

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