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My Friend Jason.

My phone always randomly alerts me in the middle of the night of random emails, facebook antics, and the BBMS I might receive from my bestfriend Shaina who is currently living on the west coast. No matter what it is, I usually ignore it because for me, sleep is #1. However last night I was awakened by a usual facebook request of some sort and instead of rolling back over and falling deep into dreamland, I instead read it and saw that it was my friend Jason’s group of something about craigslist and then rolled back over and decided I would address it in the morning. So when I awoke at a tardy 10AM (I really need to get a job soon so I’m not only waking up early on thurs and fri for my internship) I decided the first thing to do would be to investigate what Jason’s message was all about. And to my great discovery I found out that this “craigslist” thing was a blog he has been working on for the past month or so. In late July he sent out a facebook group request to join his group of “Jason Living on Craigslist” but not only do I ignore or skim over facebook requests in the deep recesses of the night, I also do at all times of day. So I took this message as none other than a random occurrence and left it to that. But when I delved deeper into his message and then was steered in the direction of his blog, I discovered that my friend Jason, might as well be a genius. He decided after many college graduates living in this unfortunate recession that after a long tiring search for jobs, it was time to find something else that was stimulating and rewarding. And what he came up with is, which is literally what it says. He is traveling cross country and literally finding every job, every housing, almost everything on craigslist. He is also living in three different cities for three months each in the hopes to prove that you can live your life anywhere entirely off of craigslist.To me this is genius because it is innovative and truly the definition of taking your future into your own hands. I am sure this experience is going to be so rewarding in so many ways for him. Also he is truly combining the new with the old. The new being craigslist and his use of video-blogs that are posted on youtube as well as his site, and the old being the American past-time of driving cross country. Many people my mom’s age after college or even if they didn’t go to college, around their early 20s decided to take a chance and go cross country, which I must admit I would really love to do. Either way Jason is truly a person to look out for in my generation (sorry Jason for all the compliments, but it’s true!) and I wish him all the luck. To get hooked on Jason’s adventures read his blog!


2 Responses to “My Friend Jason.”

  1. Thanks for the kind words. I do appreciate them. Point of clarification. I am not just doing a cross country trip, I am actually living in 3 cities, for 3 months each hoping to prove that you can live your life anywhere entirely off Craigslist.

    Thanks again!

  2. […] to everyone who is reading and commenting. Thanks especially to Kia for mentioning me in her blog. You too can be cool. Share this with friends and family. And if you don’t like reading, […]

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