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It’s been awhile…but this was worth it to come back!

HAPPY 2010!! It is a New Year and with that comes new responsibilities, new hopes and aspirations and a newfound sense of positivity. So with that being said it is definitely a New Years resolution of mine to spend more time blogging. There are a couple of reasons why today seemed like a great day to decide to come back. One being it’s the start of a New Year and although Jan 1 was 4 days ago, this first Monday of the New Year marks a time for change. The other reason to come back to my blog, and the reason for this blog post is the idea of giving back. As we all know the Holiday season is always a time where people understand that the “Holiday Spirit” doesn’t mean rewarding yourself with gifts but rewarding others who are less fortunate with gifts. Therefore I find it very very encouraging to see celebrities finding new causes and reasons to reach out and  reward the less fortunate with gifts that for most of us are not seen as gifts at all and more part of our daily lives. Specifically a group of celebrities headed by Kenna, a musician and activist are imparting on the strenuous journey of climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro to raise funds for clean water in an initiative called “Summit on the Summit.” Other celebrities as part of the cause include Santigold, Lupe Fiasco, Jessica Biel, and others. This was so inspiring to me because the Clean Water Cause is something many people do not think about. Mostly because most of us have an unlimited supply to clean water via Poland Spring water bottles or the more green option of a Brita. Either way, this is definitely something worth looking into! Below is the link to the website, try to get involved. Even the smallest donation means something! Once I’m fully employed and no longer living off the funds of Sunni Black this is definitely something I will be giving to! HAPPY 2010!!!

Everyone deserves a glass of fresh water!


One Response to “It’s been awhile…but this was worth it to come back!”

  1. Kia….as your Mom….i am so very proud of u for toooo many reason to mention…but as an adult who constantly champion the notion of ‘giving back’….u’ve renewed my hope of young adults…who have for much of their lives ….courtesy of baby boomer parents…had the awesome pleasure of having more than enough….clearly understand not only the need but also the inspirational nourshment that flows when u step outside of yourself …..and simply reach out and help others….no matter how small….we can indeed move mountains with collective spirits…purposeful efforts…….Sunni/Mommy

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