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Be Fit with Dance and Be Fit!

So today is the beginning of 2010 (according to me and other lazy bums it doesn’t start the immediate day after NYE, especially when it’s on the weekend…for obvious reasons) and one of my resolutions is to exercise and get FIT. While I was perusing the TV this weekend, again being a bum, I stumbled upon FitTv and realized I could be fit from my own home without coming up with my own workout or having to buy exercise DVDs, which made today the perfect day to do “Dance and Be Fit”, thanks to my DVR. And sheesh, what a work out! I think I worked harder than I ever did at the American University gym classes I was dragged to by my friends randomly. Kimberly (that’s the instructor) started off the episode by letting the viewers know this is the perfect workout to get rid of love handles. And although I wouldn’t say I have “love handles” I have something like “love knobs” so this was perfect. The workout turned out to very much feel like an African Dance class with the emphasis on hip movements, arm exercises and overall excitement. And you know what…it was fun! So for all of those lazy bums out there that want to prove to yourself that you can follow through with the old age resolution for every woman over the age of 20 of getting in shape, try FitTv, specifically Dance and Be Fit. You won’t be disapointed. Below is a link to the FitTv website. I have DirectTV but I’m pretty sure all cable providers will provide you with your chance to GET FIT!

It's fun and you get fit!


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