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Volunteering. It’s good for the soul, and Everyone!

Today Nick and I went to “Sue Rock’s Studio” in Crown Heights, Brooklyn to volunteer. The studio was a part of an initiative on President Obama’s website to find unique ways to donate to Haiti. At “Sue Rock’s” there were multiple ways to get involved and donate. People were cutting fabrics and sorting fabrics for the end result of creating skirts for the children and women of Haiti. Nick and I arrived and were asked to supervise the table of ceramic figures that were painted by children in the neighborhood. We were to sell these goods for $3 each and the funds were to be donated to Haiti. Lucky for us, today was beautiful and many people stopped along the street to purchase the figures as well as donate any money they had! For the two hours we were there, we made over $60. Amazing! Volunteering is really good for the soul and GREAT for everyone else! Below are a couple of pictures from the day!

Inside Sue Rocks! SO SO many people! it was great

Outside Sue Rocks! The Sun was blinding me, but it was so worth it!


2 Responses to “Volunteering. It’s good for the soul, and Everyone!”

  1. Munch….I am so very proud of you…..what a meaningful way to share and give back on a glorious….suuny day in Brooklyn……Luv u…..Mommy

  2. Kia, thank you for your post and sharing your wonderful experience with us. I agree with your Mom, we are sooo proud of you!!! You and Nick reminds us, we all a can make a difference in a positive way.

    Great picture… you in the sun:)

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